Actress Kirsten Dunst quietly paid $3,000,000 last August for a new three-bedroom co-op penthouse unit in Manhattan's SoHo area, a fact that has come to light in recent days on various celebrity blogs.  First off, a hearty welcome-back to our pals over at the Real Estalker, who until today were availing themselves of a very, very well-earned vacation. As part of Your Mama's "little mish mash" post this afternoon to get things going, the Real Estalker cited Dunst's purchase (as first reported by Hollyscoop and many other fan sites), but did not yet provide much in the way of details on Dunst's Manhattan digs (including no info on the building itself). We're happy to enlighten everyone further by adding what we have been able to learn about the purchase by Dunst.  Records show that in July 2007, Dunst purchased the eighth-floor co-op unit, which is on the top floor of the building at 533 Canal Street in SoHo (almost in TriBeCa), through her Toluca Lake Property Trust. The co-op purchase was recorded with New York City officials on August 14, 2007, according to public records. (We would note that the Everyblock website reported that its review of records suggests that the co-op unit that Dunst purchased actually traded hands for $3,090,000. It's hard to know for sure whether the purchase price was $3,000,000 or $3,090,000; however, for now, we're going with the $3,000,000 figure, which appears in public records.) Dunst's new eight-story building in SoHo was built in 1911, with units having Hudson River views. It has no shortage of celebrity cache, given that it's also the building where actor Casey Affleck in January 2007 sold his three-bedroom unit on the eighth floor (presumably next to Dunst's new unit!), also with what were at the time of Affleck's sale reported to be Hudson River views, to recently out-of-the-closet R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe for $5,750,000, according to public records. And, director Gus Van Sant also has owned a co-op unit in the building as well, records show. Hollyscoop and other celebrity blogs recently have reported that Dunst, who reportedly left rehab last month after six weeks, bought the place in New York because she wants a fresh start for herself, away from Los Angeles. We can report that Dunst so far continues to own two pieces of real estate in Los Angeles. The actress' principal L.A. residence is her three-bedroom, 2,062-square-foot house at 2766 Nichols Canyon Road in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills, which she purchased in December 2003 through her Toluca Lake Property Trust for $1,250,000 (and which was built in 1951), according to public records. Dunst also owns a 4,333-square-foot house at 10056 Toluca Lake Avenue in Los Angeles' Toluca Lake area (hence her trust name), which she purchased in 2001, also through her Toluca Lake Property Trust. News articles over the years always have reported that Dunst had purchased the Toluca Lake house for her mother, brother and grandmother, and that she lived there herself from the time she purchased it in 2001 until she moved into her Hollywood Hills home in 2003. The Toluca Lake house literally is adjacent to the (tiny) six-acre Toluca Lake. As a minor aside, check out our April 20, 2007 post for a list of other celebrity property owners in Toluca Lake over the years.