Today’s New York Observer reports on a conversation last week that an Observer intern overheard between theater director Tom O’Horgan and actor Zach Braff that referenced Braff buying O’Horgan’s 2,500-square-foot loft in the heart of Union Square in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.  City records don’t yet show a deed transfer of the apartment, which is on a top floor of the 12-story building at 840 Broadway in Manhattan. The vintage building was built in 1901, according to public records. This would be Braff’s second residence, to our knowledge. He paid $1,065,000 in mid-2003 through his Second Stix Trust to purchase a 2,173-square-foot house on Lookout Mountain Avenue in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills, according to public records. We’ll keep you posted on whether Braff’s reported purchase goes through. One longtime owner in the building told the Observer that he thought the apartment would go for “a little over $3 million.” Back in May, Braff told reporters that he was hoping to move to the Big Apple once his NBC sitcom “Scrubs” goes off the air. “New York City is perfect,” he told them at the time. “I really like it here. I think I may have to move here when Scrubs is through. It just fits me a smidgen better than L.A. I’ve been to art galleries and plays and tiny hidden restaurants. I went to look at an apartment to rent and when the door opened I was greeted by a monkey and a pig. Maybe it’s the Jersey boy in me, but I fit here. Definitely staying the summer.” And in June, he told the New York Post’s Cindy Adams, “I love Manhattan in the summer.”