Today's installment of our popular "Which celebrity's house is this?" feature involves the 2,903-square-foot vintage house at 256 S. Van Ness Avenue in Los Angeles' Windsor Square neighborhood, which sold several months ago for $1,750,000.

The reason we believe that this house was purchased by a celebrity is because public records show that the the trust that purchased the house is whimsically named "Rubys Residence Trust." As if that weren't enough, the money manager whose name appears on the deed representing the trust is none other than that of Matthew Lichtenberg. Astute and loyal readers of Big Time Listings will know that Mr. Lichtenberg has represented many celebrities in their residential real estate dealings over the years, including Will Ferrell, Fred Durst and Ron Fair.

Built in 1914, the four-bedroom house has two and a half baths and sits on a 0.23-acre (10,197-square-foot) lot, according to public records. Records show that the deal closed on August 25, with the transaction being recorded on September 17. The seller was not a celebrity. Somewhat weirdly, however, in this environment, he did actually make a profit on the house despite buying it in 2005; records show that he paid $1,500,000 for it in early '05. Also somewhat weirdly, we were unable to locate pics of the house, and it does not appear to us that the house was listed in the MLS. If that's true (and we're hopeful our readers will correct us if the house *was* in the MLS), then it obviously was a private sale.

So, dear readers, we ask you as we always do: which celebrity purchased the house at 256 S. Van Ness Avenue in L.A.? Who is the bold-faced name behind the Rubys Residence Trust?