Today's installment of our popular "Which celebrity's house is this?" feature involves the four-bedroom house at 8626 Allenwood Road in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills, which sold recently for $1,800,000.

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The reason we believe that this house, which was designed by Edward Fickett, is owned by a celebrity is because the buyer is shown as being the Allenwood Road Trust. And the money manager behind said trust is Barry Greenfield, who regular readers of this blog know is the uber-celebrity money manager in L.A.; he has represented more celebs over the years in the real estate transactions that they try to make private than just about anyone else!

Built in 1959, the house has three baths, a gourmet kitchen, a formal dining area, a two-story living room with floor-to-ceiling glass, a master suite with a private patio, and three fireplaces, according to public records and listing information. The house measures either 2,994 square feet -- according to public records -- or 3,500 square feet, according to listing information. The 0.8-acre flag-shaped lot has a pool and is bordered by private park land, according to public records and listing information.

Records show that the house sold on July 31 and was recorded on August 21.

So tell us, dear readers, as we always ask you: which celebrity purchased 8626 Allenwood Road in the Hills? Which bold-faced name is behind the Allenwood Road Trust?