Today we give our readers a bonus -- two different entries in our longstanding "Which celebrity's house is this?" feature, in which we provide the details of a transaction that pretty clearly to us involved a celebrity buyer or seller, and we throw it out to our readers to help us suss out the identity of the buyers and/or sellers (which they have made every effort to mask for privacy reasons).

The second of the two "Which celebrity's house is this?" properties that we'll discuss today is the 2,200-square-foot house at 4969 Ambrose Avenue in Los Angeles' Los Feliz area, which sold recently for $1,020,000. The reason we believe that a celebrity purchased this home is because the buyer of this house was shown in public records as being something with called the Ambrose Trust (ostensibly named for the house's street). More important, the money manager whose name is on the deed is that of Barry Greenfield, whom veteran celebrity real estate-watchers and regular readers of this blog will know often represents anonymity-seeking celebrities in their Los Angeles-area home purchases and thus appears on their deeds instead of said celebrities. Among the celebs that Greenfield has represented over the years in personal real-estate transactions (and therefore has wound up having his name on the deeds of their properties) are Hilary Swank, Jason Priestley, Ivan Sergei, Milla Jovovich and others. The deal was recorded on July 23, according to public records.

Built in 1923, the updated, Mediterranean villa-style house had been listed for $1,049,000 and sits on one of Los Feliz's most picturesque streets, according to public records and listing information. Features in the house, which has either three bedrooms (according to listing information) or four bedrooms (according to public records), include large rooms, high ceilings, French windows and doors, a full-length living room with a fireplace, a spacious dining room, and an over-scale master bedroom suite, according to public records. Outdoor features on the 0.15-acre (6,499-square-foot), mostly flat lot include landscaping a long driveway and a detached, two-car garage, according to public records and listing information.

So, dear readers, we ask you as we always do: who was the celebrity who purchased the house at 4969 Ambrose Avenue in Los Feliz? Who is behind the Ambrose Trust?