Today's installment of "Which celebrity's house is this?" involves the 2,878-square-foot house at 1542 N. Ogden Drive in Los Angeles' Hollywood neighborhood, which recently sold on July 10 for $1,643,000.

The reason that we believe that the five-bedroom house was purchased by a celebrity is because records show that something called the Ogden Trust was the buyer, purchasing the house from a non-celebrity couple. And the money manager whose name appears on the deed as part of the Ogden Trust is none other than that of Barry Greenfield, who has represented many big-name celebrities over the years in their real estate transactions, including Hilary Swank, Jason Priestley, and Ivan Sergei, among many, many others.

Built in 1921, the house at 1542 N. Ogden has three baths and sits on a very modest-sized, 0.15-acre (6,747-square-foot) lot, according to public records.

Records show that the Ogden Trust purchased the Hollywood house on July 10, with the deal being recorded on August 26. The actual purchase price didn't become available in public records until just this past week, however.

So, dear readers, we ask you as we always do: which celebrity's house is this?