Today's installment of 'Which celebrity's house is this?' involves the 4,877-square-foot house at 1740 Westridge Road in Los Angeles' Brentwood area, which just came on the market for $4,750,000.


This indeed is the 50th installment of our popular 'Which celebrity's house is this?' feature, in which we profile a house that either is on the market or that has recently sold and that has the public-records markings of having been owned by a celebrity. Then, in addition to putting all the facts out, in the spirit of community knowledge being superior to individual knowledge, we ask our incredibly intelligent readers if they know who the owner might be, and many times they fire back lickety-split with an answer. The gated, traditional-style house at 1740 Westridge, which came on the market on October 20, is a house that we have known about since the 1990s. (And we also had wondered at one time in the early part of this decade if perhaps actress Jodie Foster was the owner of it, given that both current and the past trusts on the house have been to the same address as the address for Foster's management company.)

Today, however, the reason we believe that the four-bedroom house currently is owned by a celebrity is because public records show that its owner is something called the Panda Land Trust, a trust so frivolously named that we have to believe that it belongs to a bold-faced name. Records show that the Panda Land Trust paid $3,575,000 in early 2004 to purchase the house from something called the Montana National Homes Trust, which we had thought for many years might have been Foster's trust (we're still unsure whether she was or wasn't the owner). The Montana National Homes Trust had paid $2,675,000 in early 2000 to purchase this house from its longtime -- since 1969 -- owner, records show. (And, the Montana National Homes Trust also at one time had owned the house at 2361 Mariscal Lane in the Hollywood Hills.)

Built in 1946, the house at 1740 Westridge has six and a half baths, a media room, and a studio or a guest suite, according to public records and listing information. Outdoor features on the 1.1-acre property include ocean and city views, a pool, a spa, a motor court, and covered patios, according to public records and listing information.

Check out an online listing sheet for the house at 1740 Westridge -- complete with photos.

So now, for the 50th time, dear readers, we ask you as always: which celebrity's house is this? And for that matter, who was the celebrity behind the Montana National Homes Trust, which owned this house from 2000 until 2004?

Confidential to loyal reader tlp333: we do hope to assemble a round-up of all of our 'Which celebrity house is this?' properties sometime soon -- we promise.