Today's installment of "Which celebrity's house is this?" involves this three-bedroom, 1,974-square-foot house at 2418 St. George Street in Los Angeles' Los Feliz/Franklin Hills neighborhood, which sold on Mar. 22 for $915,000 to something called the Queen Street Trust, according to public records.

The Queen Street Trust's manager, Bruce Weber, also manages the real-estate affairs of some other celebrities, including actress Renee Zellweger, who puts Weber's name on all of her real-estate deeds. We had assumed that the Queen Street Trust's name had referred to some other property in the Los Angeles area (or elsewhere). However, a cursory look at public records databases shows that none of the other Queen Street Trusts in the U.S. are managed by Weber, nor are in remotely celebrity-friendly neighborhoods. So, we're open to suggestions from any of our readers as to whose house this might be.

Built in 1928, the Spanish-style house at 2418 St. George, which had been listed for $925,000, has three baths, wood floors, a formal entry, a sunken formal living room, a formal dining room, a breakfast cove, built-ins, a fireplace, the house's original picture windows, a basement bonus room, new landscaping, a bolted foundation, copper plumbing, and an automatic sprinkler system, according to public records and listing information. We're a little puzzled by listing information's characterization of the house having a "large yard," given that its 5,619-square-foot lot is a microscopic 13/100 of an acre. That might comprise "a large yard" in Hong Kong, but not by any stretch in Los Feliz/Franklin Hills.

We also would note that the immediate neighborhood isn't especially celebrity-intensive. A quick glance at the surrounding streets reveals a dearth of celebrity owners.

Any information on whose modest house this is?