Today's installment of 'Which celebrity's house is this?' is the first one of these that we've published in a long time (and yes, it really is good to be back) and involves the 2,545-square-foot, remodeled ranch-style house at 7150 Macapa Drive in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills, which just sold on August 11 for $2,210,000.

The reason that we believe that the buyer is a celebrity is because the buyer is shown in public records as being something called the Dinozzo Trust. And the money manager whose name is on the deed is a fellow named Howard Altman. Loyal Big Time Listings readers may recall that Altman's name has been on deeds involving many celebrities, including Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Dan Castellaneta, Simon Baker and Naomi Watts. And Altman's firm, Grant, Tani, Barash & Altman, has represented an astounding number of other celebrities in their property transactions, including David Spade, Linda Gray, Cher, Chris Meloni, Kurt Rambis, Pia Zadora, Ethan Hawke, and Paul Bettany/Jennifer Connelly.

Built in 1959, the four-bedroom, one-story house at 7150 Macapa Drive has three and a half baths and a pool and sits on a gated, 0.32-acre (13,817-square-foot), flat, sun-drenched lot that backs up to Mulholland Drive, according to public records and listing information. Listing information says the house frequently generates income from film/photo shoots. The house had been on the market for $2,449,000 and later was reduced to $2,349,000, according to listing information. Public records show that the house closed on August 11, with the deed being recorded on August 26.

Check out the house's own website, and take a look at some more online listing information -- complete with photos.

(Confidential to our loyal reader tlp333: with all of our comments having been unfortunately lost, can you reproduce that fine list that you produced long ago in a comment where you tied each 'Which celebrity's house is this?' post with the owners that our readers were able to identify?)

So, dear readers, we ask you as we always do: which celebrity purchased this house?