Today's installment of "Which celebrity's house is this?" involves the 4,080-square-foot house at 9686 Moorgate Road in Beverly Hills, Calif., which sold in late July for $2,480,000. The reason that we think that the house's buyer was a celebrity was because public records show that the buyer is something called the Carmel Trust. The money manager for the Carmel Trust is a fellow named Victor Meschures, who also has been the money manager for many celebrities in their real estate over the years, including probably most notably Julia Roberts. Built in 1973, the seven-bedroom house on Moorgate Road in the BHPO has six baths and a pool and sits on a 0.66-acre (28,919-square-foot), weirdly shaped lot that extends from Moorgate all the way to the tip of another street, Trudy Drive, according to public records. Records show that the Carmel Trust purchased the house on July 24, with the deal being recorded on July 29. The house did not appear to have been on the market, which is why we have little details on it (and no photo). So, dear readers, we ask you: who was the celebrity who purchased the house at 9686 Moorgate Road?