Today's installment of "Which celebrity's house is this?" involves a three-bedroom, 1,601-square-foot town house that is located at 17943 Magnolia Boulevard in Los Angeles' Encino area, which closed in late March for $425,000. The purchase price is a little low compared to what we normally write about here at Big Time Listings, but even so, we have reason to believe that the buyer -- i.e., the person behind the Percilla Trust, which is the name of the trust that is shown on the deed as the buyer -- of this town house is a celebrity? Why? Because the money manager whose name appears on the deed, Nancy Chapman, frequently represents mega-celebrities, including Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes (last year, Chapman's name was on Cruise and Holmes' deed next to the couple's Fornow Trust when the couple purchased their seven-bedroom, 10,286-square-foot mansion at 1111 Calle Vista Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif. for $30,500,000), entertainment honcho Brad Grey (who owns a 13,143-square-foot mansion through his Palisades Trust at 1425 Monaco Drive in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades area), and Bruce Springsteen. In fact, Chapman's name is on the assessor records for Springsteen's 378-acre horse farm in Colts Neck, N.J., which he owns through his Stone Hill Trust and which has many addresses, including 132 Muhlenbrink Road and 2 Cross Road and which is bordered by Route 34, Laird Road and Phalanx Road, according to public records. Chapman's firm's address also is on the assessor records -- along with the name Fareholm, which is another one of "The Boss'" land trusts -- for Springsteen's in-town residence at 36 and 40 Bellevue Avenue in Rumson, N.J., according to public records. Chapman's name also is on some of the assessment records for Springsteen's longtime (since 1990) estate that his Benedict Canyon owns at 9922 and 9930 Tower Lane in Beverly Hills. "The Boss's" Benedict Canyon Trust paid $13,750,000 in April 1990 -- and not the $14 million figure frequently thrown around -- to purchase a slew of properties totaling at least 4.69 acres that lie between Tower Lane and Benedict Canyon Drive. Built in 1975, the mystery Encino town home that sold in March has three baths, according to public records. There was no listing information available for the town house, whose seller was not a celebrity. Records show that the Percilla Trust closed on the Encino town house on March 28, with the deal being recorded on April 25. So, dear readers, we ask you: which celebrity purchased this modest town house? (Incidentally, Springsteen for many years -- going back to what looks like 1982! -- quietly had owned a 2,342-square-foot house at 7965 Fareholm Drive in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills. His Fareholm Sequoia Grantor Trust -- represented, natch, by Chapman and by Jon Landau -- even more quietly sold the house in November 2003 for just $1,100,000. The transaction got absolutely zero real-estate gossip coverage (we weren't blogging at the time). For more information on other past and present owners on Fareholm Drive, check out our February 6, 2008 post on this star-studded street.)