Today's installment of "Which celebrity's house is this?" involves the 5,152-square-foot house at 1542 Tower Grove Drive high above Beverly Hills, Calif. (in the BHPO), which sold on May 30 for an undisclosed price, likely for around $10 million. The reason that we believe that this house was purchased by a celebrity is because public records show the buyer to be something called the Jack Daniels House Trust. Such a whimsical name could only have been created by a celebrity. In addition, the money manager whose name appears on the deed, Marie Ambrosino, is a well-known celebrity manager, handling real-estate affairs for other celebs, including Drew Barrymore and Nicollette Sheridan. Although the deal was recorded on June 12, the purchase price remains a mystery, although we should learn it in the next few weeks. The buyer took out a $7,000,000 mortgage on the house, which led us to extrapolate (and this is just a wild guess) that the sale price of the house was somewhere around $10,000,000 (rough, rough ballpark estimate). Built in 1981, the house has three bedrooms, five baths, and a pool and sits on a 0.88-acre parcel, according to public records. Unfortunately, no listing information or photos are readily available on the property. If the house's street name sounds familiar, that's because it's the same street where actress Lisa Kudrow long has quietly owned a 6,397-square-foot house whose details until this week had evaded all celebrity real estate gossips, as we noted on Monday when we unveiled details of Kudrow's home. The house at 1542 Tower Grove Drive is another six-tenths of a mile farther up in the hills than Kudrow's house is. So, dear readers, tell us: which celebrity purchased the home at 1542 Tower Grove Drive?