Today we're going to resurrect our long-dormant 'Which celebrity's house is this?' feature by discussing the 3,779-square-foot house at 2341 E. Live Oak Drive in The Oaks area of Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood, which sold recently -- to a celebrity, we believe -- for $3,219,000. c5c61834-41c4-425a-a4d8-25a2ea2335af.jpg It's been a long time (more than two months!) since last we posted a 'Which celebrity's house is this?' Recall that that last house that appeared in that feature, at 2180 Groveland Drive in Los Angeles, drew plenty of comments from our loyal readers, many of whom were certain that the buyer of the Groveland Drive house was 19-year-old 'High School Musical' star Vanessa Anne Hudgens. Now, we have a new mystery that we'd like our readers to help us clear up. Built in 1926, the house at 2341 E. Live Oak sold on February 25 to something called the Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Trust, with the deal being recorded on April 10. Why are we certain that the person behind this whimsically named trust is a celebrity? The reasons are twofold: 1) the money manager's name on the trust, Ross Kindel, has represented several celebrities over the years, including actress Julie Delpy and Michael Jackson's youngest brother Randy; and 2) in the 2004 comedy movie 'Anchorman,' the character played by actor Paul Rudd gives the name 'Dr. Kenneth Noisewater' to (we're not making this up) his left testicle. It's hard for us to imagine any non-celebrity being both (pardon the intended pun) ballsy enough and clever enough to come up with that kind of name for a property trust. As such, we think there's no question that the buyer of the Live Oak Drive house is a celebrity (Rudd, perhaps?). Some details on the Mediterranean-style house itself: it was built in 1926, has four bedrooms, four baths and sits on a 0.3-acre lot, according to public records and listing information. The house had been listed for $3,295,000, and has a formal dining room, a breakfast area, and a cook's kitchen with a Viking range and a SubZero refrigerator, according to listing information. Other features include a studio-quality screening room and a separate office, according to listing information. Outside are a Moroccan pavilion with a water element, a greenhouse, a koi pond and secret gardens, according to listing information. Check out a cached version of an online listing sheet. As we conclude, the question remains: who was the buyer? We're open to your information, dear readers. Oh, and confidential to loyal commenter tlp333: we promise, we're still planning to eventually throw together a scorecard of *all* of the 'Which celebrity house is this?' features that we've put out there. Stay tuned! (sadly, there are still a few houses that we've written about in that feature that no reader has ever offered a comment on) While we're at it, we probably should throw together a "celebrity directory" of sorts for The Oaks -- it's just astounding to us how many celebrities inhabit The Oaks.