Back on March 5, 2006, the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon reported that actor Patrick Dempsey, also known as "McDreamy" on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," had sold his 3,036-square-foot house, at 1967 N. Curson Avenue in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills, for $2.5 million (public records show that the house actually closed for $2,573,000).

However, Ryon didn't provide any details on where the 41-year-old actor had moved. And public records at that time didn't show that Dempsey had purchased anything in his own name, meaning either that he was renting or that he had purchased a new house in the Los Angeles area using an identity-obscuring trust, like so many other Hollywood celebrities.

We weren't blogging at that time, so we weren't in a position to follow up by trying to figure out where Dr. McDreamy had moved. However, since that time, the myriad profiles of Dempsey in various celebrity gossip magazines have reported that Dempsey now lives (and presumably, owns) in Los Angeles' Bel-Air neighborhood.

Now, after a bit of digging, we have uncovered a house in Bel-Air that may well be Dempsey's. Located at 914 Chantilly Road in Bel-Air and measuring 3,841 square feet, the four-bedroom house on nearly an acre was purchased in July 2006 by something called the Casson Trust, which is managed by a money manager/accountant named Mitchell Smelkinson. The timing is such that Ryon couldn't have written about the purchase in March 2006 because it's quite possible that at that press time, Dempsey and his wife hadn't even put down an offer yet to buy their new house, much less closed on it.

And while Smelkinson's name isn't on any of the corporate entities that Dempsey has incorporated, it's noteworthy that Smelkinson's business address is at 9100 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, Suite 1000W, which is the offices of Grant, Tani, Barash & Altman (GTBA), the company that manages Dempsey's business affairs. It's also worth noting that this is the only remotely recent purchase in Bel-Air by any trust that is housed at GTBA's offices, meaning that if Dempsey did indeed purchase something in Bel-Air, and if he did indeed do it through a trust, this almost has to be his house.

So, we ask anyone who is reading--is 914 Chantilly Road Patrick Dempsey's house? And if not, does anyone know whose house it is?

We apologize in advance for not being able to provide any photos. Online listing information for the house, which appeared to have been listed for $3,250,000 and later for $3,200,000, was hard to come by (i.e., we found some photos, but we weren't sure that they were exactly the photos of 914 Chantilly). We are quite certain that some of our respected peers out there (including the Real Estalker) will have access to photos of the interior and exterior of this house, particularly if it indeed is Dempsey's.