Today's installment of "Which celebrity's house is this?" involves a 1,091-square-foot house at 9060 Harland Avenue in West Hollywood, Calif., which sold this past spring for $1,200,000. The reason we think a celebrity bought this house is because public records show that the three-bedroom house's buyer was something called The 9060 Harland Avenue Trust, and the money manager who the deed says is attached to the trust is uber-celebrity manager Todd Gelfand. Among the stars whom Gelfand has repped are Steven Weber, Stephen Stills, Tracy Chapman, director Jesse Dylan, Don Johnson, Val Kilmer, David Crosby and Will Smith. Built in 1923, the house on Harland Avenue in West Hollywood, which we unfortunately do not have a photo of, has two baths and sits on a minuscule, 0.08-acre lot, according to public records. The house also has some notoriety in that it once was the residence for actress Natalie Wood, according to our friends at The Movieland Directory. So dear readers, does anyone know who is the celebrity buyer of the house at 9060 Harland?