Today’s installment of “Which celebrity’s house is this?” involves this four-bedroom, 2,615-square-foot house at 1361 Ridgecrest Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif., which Desi Arnaz Jr. owned for 30 years and which recently sold for $2,600,000 to something called the 1361 Ridgecrest Trust. Built in 1958, the two-story house sits in the hills north of Sunset Boulevard, and has three and a half baths, city-to-ocean views, two fireplaces and a grassy yard, according to public records, listing information and previous news accounts. Listing information and plat maps show that the house also has the good fortune to be on a street with only one other house. Before the sale, the house had been listed for $2,795,000, according to listing information. Lifestyle and furnishings designer Barclay Butera purchased the house from Arnaz in November 2004 for $1,685,000, according to public records, and then restored the house. Butera sold the house to the 1361 Ridgecrest Trust on March 8, according to public records. The sale was recorded on April 20. Check out the house’s website, which had been set up by its real-estate agent and which has plenty of photos in flash. Does anyone know who the new owner of this house might be?