Today's installment of 'Where in the world is....?' involves the current celebrity incarnation of 'Bennifer': actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. And while Affleck's digs long have been the subject of public discussion and lots of chatter over the years by celebrity real-estate gossips (particularly since he famously sold a Hollywood Hills house to his director pal Kevin Smith), Garner historically has avoided appearing in celebrity real estate columns. As such, the 3,843-square-foot house on Tigertail Road in Los Angeles' Brentwood area that Jennifer very quietly purchased in 2004 for $5,500,000 (and into which Affleck moved after he married Garner), which is just down the street from Conan O'Brien's newly purchased digs, has never been discussed in detail by celebrity real estate columnists -- until now.


So, today we're going to dissect all of the homes that Affleck and Garner have owned over the years, starting with their current digs in Brentwood. It's a lengthy list, made longer by the fact that Affleck has owned a lot of homes in his short career. But, we're going to try to sort out all of the various places that 'Bennifer' have owned over the years, through multiple marriages and some obvious fickleness about housing (at least on Ben's part!). So, here goes:

--Built in 1929, the couple's current home, at 300 N. Tigertail Road in Los Angeles' Brentwood area, originally belonged only to Garner. The actress paid $5,500,000 in mid-2004 through her Gee Family Trust to purchase the four-bedroom house, according to public records. When Garner and Affleck married in mid-2005, they had intended, according to news accounts, to go house-hunting for a new house. Instead, Ben wound up decamping in Jen's Tigertail Road house, where they remain to this day. Features in the house include four baths and a pool, all on a 0.74-acre property, according to public records. Bennifer's current house is less than half a mile down the street from the newly built house that Conan O'Brien has just been reported to have purchased, at 555 N. Tigertail Road.

--Before moving into the Tigertail Road house, Affleck previously had briefly owned a two-story, 4,518-square-foot house at 1801 Westridge Road in Los Angeles' Brentwood area, which he had purchased through his 1801 Westridge Road Trust from singer Melissa Etheridge's Alpine Trust in October 2004 for a reported $4 million. Once Affleck moved in with Jen, the East Coast traditional-style Westridge Road house, which was built in 1937 and which sits on a 0.77-acre lot behind gates, became expendable, and Ben sold that house in December 2005 for $5,005,000, according to public records. Check out the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon's December 2005 column on the sale of the Westridge Road house here.

--Getting back to Garner for a moment, the actress, prior to owning the Tigertail Road house, had quietly owned a 1,478-square-foot house at 801 Radcliffe Avenue in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades area from 2002 until 2004. Garner had purchased the Radcliffe Avenue house in 2002 through her Timberlake Trust for some undisclosed amount north of $1 million, according to public records. Shortly before buying the bigger house on Tigertail Road in Los Angeles' Brentwood area, Garner unloaded the Radcliffe Avenue house in April 2004 for $1,850,000, according to public records.

--Returning to Ben, one of the properties that he had owned for the longest amount of time ever (from 1999 to 2003) was the 7,515-square-foot house at 7203 La Presa Drive in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills, which Affleck had purchased for an undisclosed amount (reported to be $1.7 million) in 1999 through his 7203 La Presa Drive Trust, according to public records. Affleck famously sold the house, which lacks an address in assessment records (PIN # 5549-012-012), in January 2003 to his director pal Kevin Smith for $1,617,500, according to public records. Almost immediately after buying the house, which was built in 1993 and which sits on a 0.32-acre parcel, a pipe burst in a soda fountain machine that Smith had purchased for his wife, flooding the entire house and requiring an eight-month gut rehab, Smith told the Chicago Tribune in July 2006. 'I remember calling up Ben to tell him the story,' Smith told the Tribune. 'There was a long pause after I told him, and he was like, 'But you don't blame me, do you?' And I was like, 'No, dude, this is totally my fault.'' Smith earlier had quipped to the New York Observer that 'all the ghosts of Affleck have been completely fucking exorcised. All the fluids he might have left behind have been completely wiped out by the flood.'

--For a short time, Affleck also had owned an infamous, 2.09-acre parcel at 9500 Cherokee Lane in Beverly Hills, Calif. that had been owned by actress Drew Barrymore until a devastating fire that basically destroyed the property's main house. Affleck's 9500 Cherokee Lane Trust paid a reported $2.2 million (according to Entertainment Weekly) or a reported $3 million (according to the Los Angeles Times) in late 2001 to purchase the Cherokee Lane property from Barrymore's Flossy Estate Trust. Affleck sold the property in August 2003 to something called the Odie Trust for $3,575,000, according to public records, after having leveled what was left of the main house but also after having remodeled the estate's three guest houses.

--The final Los Angeles-area property we're going to discuss is the first house that Garner appears to have ever owned. Records show that Garner's Timberlake Trust paid $790,000 in October 1999 -- before her first marriage to actor Scott Foley and also prior to her striking it big on 'Alias' -- to purchase the 2,854-square-foot house at 4013 Cody Road in Los Angeles' Sherman Oaks area. Garner and Foley together sold that house in October 2002 for $900,000, according to public records, obviously because they had by that point purchased the house on Radcliffe Avenue in Pacific Palisades.

--Affleck also appears to still own two 10,000-square-foot mansions on exclusive Hampton Island in south Georgia that he purchased back in 2003 as holiday homes, to avoid the press back when he was dating Jennifer Lopez. We don't have the addresses or purchase prices for those properties, however.

--Affleck and Garner also in 2005 were rumored to be house-hunting in Charlottesville, Va. It appears that nothing ever came of that, however.