Today's installment of 'Where in the world is.....?' centers around the home of currently jailed actor Kiefer Sutherland, whose residence loyal reader Rob Bander recently queried us on during our recent first installment of 'Where in the world is.....?', which provided details on Kim Kardashian's housing situation.


As we're learning, it's not exactly a secret to many where Kiefer's home is, since the gate of his home, at 1019 N. Madison Avenue in Silver Lake, was reported by the Ottawa (Canada) Citizen on April 9, 2007 to be a 'message board' for Salvadoran and Ukrainian street gangs in his neighborhood. And multiple articles about Sutherland (try googling a few, using 'Kiefer Sutherland' and 'Silver Lake') describe his unusual decision to live in a tougher area than many of his celebrity compatriots.

So what is Kiefer's house? It turns out that he lives in a converted ironworks foundry/warehouse in Silver Lake. In 2002, Sutherland paid just $700,000 through his Dave T. Douglas (also sometimes spelled Doglas) Trust to buy the 14,400-square-foot building, which was built in 1928.

Since buying the building, Sutherland has converted its downstairs to a recording studio, known as IronWorks Music, which he co-owns with singer Jude Cole. Upstairs are Kiefer's living quarters.

Interestingly, Kiefer seldom has ever appeared in celebrity real estate gossip columns, either in print or online. The one time that his real-estate doings did pop up in one such column was in early 2000, when he listed and then sold his 813-acre ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley for about $3.6 million, according to the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon's column at that time. Public records confirm the sale, showing that on January 31, 2000, Sutherland's Dave T. Doglas Trust sold two separate parcels -- one 314.08-acre pasture at 8335 Foxen Canyon Road in Santa Maria, Calif. and one 503.94-acre pasture at 7951 Foxen Canyon Road in Santa Maria (so they actually total just over 818 acres) -- to the same buyer for an undisclosed amount.

Records show that the divorced Sutherland owns two other Los Angeles-area properties as well: an 1,801-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Sherman Oaks area that that same trust purchased in early 2004 for $610,000, and a 2,467-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Toluca Lake area that that same trust purchased in mid-2006 for $1,025,000, according to public records. Kiefer isn't believed to live in either of those homes, though, and it's more likely, in fact, that his ex-wife, Kelly Winn, occupies one of those houses.