Today's installment of our popular and occasional "Where in the world is...?" feature involves actor Jeff Bridges, whose housing situation hasn't been written about by any celebrity real estate gossip that we know for close to 15 years. Bridges' principal residence is an 8,500-square-foot house on a 19.22-acre estate in Santa Barbara, Calif. that he purchased in 1994 for just under $7 million.


We imagine that part of the reason why Bridges' housing hasn't been written about for so many years is simple: he hasn't actually moved anywhere. Still and all, we thought now would be a good time to take a closer look at his current digs. Records show that Bridges (shown here with Stan Lee) and his wife Susan purchased their nine-bedroom house and 19.22-acre property, on Hot Springs Road in Santa Barbara, on July 8, 1994, with the deal being recorded on August 2. The sellers, singer Kenny Loggins and his ex-wife, had constructed the 8,500-square-foot main Tuscan villa-style house in 1988.

Features on the estate include the main house, a guest house, a pool house, a caretaker's cottage and a sports complex, along with a whopping five kitchens, three laundry rooms, and eight fireplaces. Other features include a stream, a pond, a rock-grotto pool, two waterfalls, fountains and ocean and mountain views, according to the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon's August 21, 1994 report on Bridges' purchase. The house also has a home studio, where Bridges has been known to play guitar, piano and sing.

Bridges also owns a 1,124-square-foot house on a large ranch on Deep Creek Bench Road in Chico Hot Springs (close to Paradise Valley, but its mailing address is Livingston), Montana. The ranch was actually used in the filming of the movie "Heaven's Gate." "You know the whorehouse in 'Heaven's Gate'? That's where we live!" Bridges told the New York Times in September 2001. And Bridges told the Knoxville News-Sentinel in 1994 that "We live in the whorehouse of 'Heaven's Gate.' We got that set; that's our ranch house. And we're in the same valley where my wife and I met, so it's all very romantic and all this stuff. So it's got a big pull." Also, the ranch was pictured in the August 1995 issue of InStyle magazine.

Public records suggest that the Bridgeses purchased the southwest Montana ranch in late 1989 for an undisclosed amount. The ranch includes at a minimum an 80-acre tract and a 560-acre parcel, according to public records.

Prior to moving to Santa Barbara, the couple had owned a nearly 7,000-square-foot house in Santa Monica, Calif., which they sold in late 1994 for around $2.6 million. They sold the house after it was badly damaged in the 1994 earthquake, according to one interview.

As Bridges' character famously said in the film "The Big Lebowski," the dude abides.