Today's installment of our popular "Where in the world is?" feature involves actress Mindy Kaling of "The Office," who became a first-time homebuyer last year when she paid $1,575,000 in late 2007 to purchase a 2,674-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Beverly Grove neighborhood.


Kaling's purchase late last year never was written about by any celebrity real estate gossip -- until now, that is. However, her purchase of a house has been played up recently by none other than...Kaling herself, given her recently begun Web series that depicts how she is "house poor." (Please, please watch the pilot, which is the only episode that appears to be available online as of this writing.) Even with Kaling's new Web venture, we are struck by the fact that the details of Kaling's house purchase still have not been written about yet by any of us celebrity real estate snoops. So, we thought we'd enlighten our readers with some details on the actress' four-bedroom house.


Records show that the 29-year-old Kaling, who plays Kelly Kapoor on (and also writes for) the popular NBC sitcom, closed on the house on October 31, 2007, with the deal being recorded on November 28, 2007. The seller, according to both public records and Kaling's own Web video, was "The Office" writer and producer (and Harvard Phi Beta Kappa man, and Regis Philbin son-in-law, and the guy who played Dwight's cousin in "The Office") Michael Schur, who paid $2,215,000 in mid-2007 to purchase a 3,392-square-foot house elsewhere in L.A.

Built in 1929, Kaling's house has three baths, dark ebony-stained oak floors, high ceilings, arches and a new kitchen, according to public records and listing information. Other features include a large formal dining room, a study with a fireplace, and a master suite with a sitting room, according to listing information. The house sits on a minuscule, 0.14-acre (6,247-square-foot) lot, according to public records.

The house appears to have been listed for $1,650,000 before Kaling purchased it.