Today, we at Big Time Listings are launching a new feature, titled 'Where in the world is....?' This feature will profile a well-known, bold-faced celebrity who owns real estate (or perhaps does not, and is a renter), but whose residential living situation never has been written about by any celebrity real-estate gossip blog or traditional-media celebrity real-estate gossip column.  Our goal with this feature is to shed some light on various big names who for whatever reason have been able to thus far duck the harsh lights of Big Time Listings, the Real Estalker, the Los Angeles Times' 'Hot Property,' the Wall Street Journal's 'Private Properties,' the New York Post's 'Gimme Shelter,' the New York Observer's 'Manhattan Transfers,' Newsday's 'Rich Cribs,' Chicago magazine's 'Deal Estate,' Washington magazine's 'Luxury Homes,' or the Palm Beach Post. Our first subject is model, reality TV star and professional celebrity Kim Kardashian. Known most for her badonkadonk (and for an infamous sex tape with Ray-J), Kim also is a longtime pal of Paris Hilton and in addition starred in E!'s (oddly) highly successful 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' reality-TV series, which just ended its first season and which already has been picked up for a second season. And while it may not exactly be a secret that Kim is a condo owner in L.A. (it came up in her reality series, and in addition, the New York Post in October mentioned her condo ownership in a piece on the Kardashians' reality TV series), no writer that we're aware of has provided details on her residence until now. Public records show that Kim paid $850,000 in November 2005 to purchase a 1,720-square-foot, second-floor condo unit in the building at 118 S. Clark Street in an area of Los Angeles that is next to West Hollywood, just two blocks west of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and right around the corner from Robertson Boulevard's boutique shopping. Kim's Mediterranean-style building was erected in 2004, and her unit has three bedrooms and three baths, according to public records. Kardashian purchased her unit directly from a builder, according to public records. Kardashian's building is just across the street from the Rob Clark condo building, where Fall Out Boy lead guitarist Joe Trohmann paid $516,000 earlier this year for a newly converted condo unit, as we exclusively reported back in September. If Kim's career takes off, expect to see her trade up from this condo unit to a gated single-family dwelling somewhere. Stay tuned.