Today’s installment of “Where in the world is….?” involves 20-year-old singer and actress Hilary Duff, who owns two houses that are just a few doors away from one another in Los Angeles’ Toluca Lake neighborhood.We’ve written many times about L.A.’s celebrity-heavy Toluca Lake precinct, including in April 2007, whenwe provided a roll callof many of its well-known residents. Unfortunately, that list unfortunately omitted two critical longtime Tolucans: 1) Kirsten Dunst,whom we wroteabout on April 16 (and who now lives in the Hollywood Hills but still owns a house in Toluca Lake); and 2) Duff, who for whatever reason never has appeared in any celebrity real estate gossip column or blog mention—that is, until now. Duff’s first house in Toluca Lake is a five-bedroom, 8,827-square-foot house that was built in 1951 and that her Casa de Sueno Trust quietly purchased in 2004 for $3,500,000, according to public records. The house, which sits on an oversized 0.45-acre lot bordering the actual six-acre Toluca Lake itself, is right next door to a5,632-square-foot housethat comedian Damon Wayans had owned from 2001 until 2006. (Just two doors east of the former Wayans house is Dunst’s family home,which she purchased. In February 2006, Duff expanded her holdings in Toluca Lake, quietly paying $1,650,000 through her Casa de Sueno Trust (translated: House of Dreams) for a 2,420-square-foot house that is less than half a block away from her current house. In fact, it appears that Duff purchased that house from a celebrity, since the seller was something called the Toluca Lake Avenue Trust. (And, if we were the betting sort, we’d say that the seller of the house might well have been actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.) In any case, in the May 2008 issue of Allure magazine, Duff acknowledges that she and her sister live in one of the houses in Toluca Lake (the smaller one, we presume), but Hilary added that she often crashes at the house that her mother occupies (which we assume is the much larger one, on the lake).