As we catch up on writing about some long-overdue items, we freely admit that we are virtually the last ones to write about singer/musician/songwriter Moby's recent decision to list his apartment at Manhattan's El Dorado building for $7.5 million.


The order of reporting is as follows: On June 18, Radar wrote about the issue, on June 28, Gawker wrote on the subject, and on June 29, the New York Post's Page Six column wrote that Moby had e-mailed his friends, telling them that his place at the El Dorado was 'the most interesting and unique apartment I've ever seen in New York City, but I've decided to move back downtown.' And on July 8, the New York Times wrote about Moby's listing and Luxist weighed in as well. So we're really bringing up the rear here!

In any case, records show that Moby, ne Richard Melville Hall, paid $4.5 million in September 2005 for the two-bedroom unit in the south tower of the El Dorado, at 300 Central Park West. Features in Moby's four-level unit include period Art Deco lighting, cast iron spiral stairs, and a new kitchen with its own terrace, the Times reported. Moby decided after moving in that he didn't like the apartment, telling the Times that living uptown was 'far from just about everyone and everything I know.'

Check out Moby's listing here.

We call Moby 'peripatetic' in our headline, because he also sold his place in upstate New York last year after a fairly short period as an owner. Located at 51 Partridge Hill Court in Kent Cliffs, N.Y. in Putnam County, the house was purchased by Moby in 2003 for $985,000, according to public records. We weren't blogging yet when Moby's place went on the market, but you can check out great coverage of that listing--for $3.5 million--by checking out pieces written at the time by Luxist, Queerty and Curbed. Although this was never reported anywhere that we could find, Moby eventually sold the place in July 2006 in two separate transactions--but to the same buyer, a Marco Battaglia--for $2,050,000 and for $950,000, meaning Moby got $3 million and not the $3.5 million that he was hoping for. It's unclear if the Marco Battaglia who purchased his property is the same one who played in the NFL for five years, last in 2001.

We'll keep you posted on the status of Moby's place in the El Dorado, along with his search for a new place downtown.