As our friends over at the Real Estalker noted yesterday, the Los Angeles Times on Friday announced that Times veteran Ann Brenoff will take over the storied “Hot Property” column, replacing Ruth Ryon, who founded the column (and truly, created the niche). From us, a warm welcome to the beat to Brenoff, 58, who has been at the Times since 1992 and who has been in the paper’s Real Estate section for the last three years. It’s a great promotion (or addition to existing duties) for Brenoff, who has been the section’s Deputy Editor. A few other comments: --As Ryon herself has pointed out many times in the past, her first column ever, on November 25, 1984, was led by the nearly $9.5 million purchase by Johnny Carson of his oceanfront estate at 6962 Wildlife Drive on Point Dume in Malibu. What will Brenoff’s lead item be? Only time will tell. Her first column, as best as we can tell, is slated to run on April 21. --Meanwhile, Ryon’s swan song will be this coming Sunday’s column. We’re eager to see how she wraps up more than 23 years of columns. Don’t miss it! (We won’t.) --We’ve admittedly been hard on Ryon in recent months for her two-halves style of reporting, her dwindling number of scoops and her lack of attribution, but we have to tip our caps to her for her longevity and for her longtime commitment to the very difficult celebrity real estate genre. We’d encourage all of our readers to drop Ryon a note at to wish her all the best in retirement. OK, enough industry navel-gazing. Back to celebrity real estate!