Sunday’s Los Angeles Times contained a rare hat trick—no fewer than three items penned by celebrity real estate writer Ruth Ryon that had appeared previously on our blog (as well as elsewhere). Indeed, fully half of Ryon’s main “Hot Property” column was items that we had written about before here at Big Time Listings. Ryon led her “Hot Property” column with an item on actress Ashley Jensen having purchased a house “for close to $1.7 million” in Los Feliz. However, Big Time Listings readers will recall that on May 31, we actually broke the story of Jensen buying the house in Los Feliz, reporting that Jensen paid $1,650,000 for the three-bedroom, mid-century house. Then, several items down, Ryon wrote about how a Bel-Air home recently owned by rocker Fred Durst “is on the market at $7.9 million.” Yet again, our blog’s readers will recall that on March 14, we uploaded a post on the four-bedroom, 6,624-square-foot mansion in Los Angeles’ Bel-Air neighborhood that once was owned by Durst being available for $7.9 million. Finally, in Ryon’s separate “Home of the Week” feature yesterday, she also wrote about actress Joely Fisher’s house being available for $4,295,000. Fully 19 days earlier, on June 5, we wrote a blog post on Fisher listing the house—taking special care to give kudos to the Real Estalker for breaking the story the day before—and then on Friday, we updated the item, noting that Fisher had reduced her asking price to $4,295,000. We even credited the Wall Street Journal, which earlier Friday had broken the story (no link available online) of Fisher cutting her listing price. Like any blogger, we take great pride in breaking our own stories, but we also like giving our readers information that first has been reported by any of the small number of other fine celebrity real estate writers in the country. And when we do so, we work very hard to give credit to those writers who broke the stories first. We have to admit that we’re a little perplexed that neither Ryon nor her editor saw fit to acknowledge where those three items previously were reported, particularly since in an e-mail conversation that we had with Ryon many years ago, she expressed her pleasure that our work in the Chicago Tribune at that time had included generously attributing items that we wrote about to having originated in her newspaper. We’re human, of course; recently, we messed up by neglecting a few weeks later to credit the Real Estalker for breaking the story on June of rocker Aaron Kamin listing his house in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills. But for Ryon to not credit any of three items on Sunday that previously had been published here? We’re stumped.