Today we are going to provide a round-up on all Los Angeles-area properties owned by Hollywood acting and directing legend Warren Beatty, who for us is one of the icons who embodies Hollywood most.


And indeed, Beatty's properties, for the most part, are in keeping with the 71-year-old (71? How on earth did Warren Beatty get to be 71?) Oscar-winning director's iconoclastic personality: they're one-of-a-kind properties perched up high above everyone else, along storied Mulholland Drive.

For whatever reason, Beatty's personal real estate largely has drawn a pass over the years from celebrity real estate columnists -- most notably the Los Angeles Times' longtime columnist and genre-creator Ruth Ryon -- either because his earliest transaction dates to 1972 (long before the celebrity real estate genre began) and/or because his later transactions were overlooked.

Beatty is the first of two unique Mulholland Drive residents whose holdings we'll be profiling; the other is Warren's longtime friend (and fellow 71-year-old) Jack Nicholson who (like Beatty) has lived on Mulholland Drive "since God was a child," as Newsweek once wrote.

And we would be remiss if we didn't mention Beatty's longtime wife, actress Annette Bening, and the fact that Beatty has become far more of a family man in recent years, with four kids ranging in age from 8 to 17.

For years, Beatty lived in a suite in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Then, in the 1970s, he became a homeowner for the first time.

Below is a list of everything that we know of that Beatty owns in the Los Angeles area, all courtesy of public records. The first four properties profiled are all contiguous, and comprise a 6.712-acre spread in total:

--Beatty's longtime, 9,401-square-foot house at 13671 Mulholland Drive in the Beverly Hills Post Office (PIN # 2386-004-007), a house that either no longer stands or is completely uninhabitable. "Built" in 1938 (which is to say, in Los Angeles County lingo, containing an original beam or stud that dated to 1938!), the house sat on the north side of Mulholland on a 3.4-acre parcel, according to public records. Beatty purchased the property in 1972 for just $193,000, according to public records, and then built a white glass house on the site. The house collapsed in the January 1994 earthquake, with floors caving in and walls falling, resulting in an estimated $7 million in damage. Plans to rebuild on the site languished for years. We're not sure what the status is of the rebuilding, but one source told us that the site was finally cleared around 2005.

--A 1,798-square-foot house on an adjacent 1.107-acre parcel at 13675 Mulholland Drive in the Beverly Hills Post Office (PIN # 2386-004-008) that Beatty purchased in 1994 for $510,000.

--A 3,104-square-foot house on an exactly 1-acre parcel at 13679 Mulholland Drive in the Beverly Hills Post Office (PIN # 2386-004-009) that Beatty purchased in April 2004 for $2,200,000, according to public records.

--A long, vacant, 1.205-acre parcel (which has no street address attached to it) at the back of his Mulholland Drive spread (PIN # 2386-004-010) that Beatty purchased in February 1995 for $175,000.

--A 10,594-square-foot house just down the road on a 1.1-acre parcel at 12431 Mulholland Drive in the BH PO -- also on the north side of Mulholland -- that Beatty purchased in early 1996 for $2,700,000 (PIN # 2382-016-009). Beatty purchased the Spanish-Mediterranean-style house as "temporary" digs after plans to rebuild his principal house stalled. As far as we know, this remains the couple's principal residence.

--An 11.41-acre vacant parcel along Dixie Canyon Avenue in Los Angeles' Sherman Oaks area (north of Mulholland Drive but well south of Valley Vista Boulevard) that the actor has owned since buying it in late 1986 for an undisclosed price (PIN #2386-007-004).

--A 3.55-acre parcel just off Sumatra Drive (and just one lot north of Mulholland) in Sherman Oaks (PIN # 2386-002-001).

Totaling it all up, we see that Beatty owns almost 24 acres of real estate along Mulholland Drive. That would have to make him one of the biggest landowners of any Hollywood celebrity living in the areas of Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Hills, Bel-Air and Brentwood! An unusual distinction, to be sure.

Stay tuned for our report on Jack Nicholson......

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