Public records have cleared on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' purchase of their mansion in Beverly Hills, Calif., and they reveal that the celebrity couple paid $30,500,000 for their mansion and not the $35,000,000 figure that first was reported by the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon and that later was reported everywhere else.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report that recently released Los Angeles County records show that Cruise and Holmes paid $4.5 million less than the amount that has been widely reported for their seven-bedroom mansion at 1111 Calle Vista Drive. The couple purchased the mansion, which public records state measures 10,286 square feet but which reportedly has been expanded to 13,000-square-feet-plus, on April 2 for $30,500,000 through their Fornow Trust, according to public records. The seller was Los Angeles-area uber-agent-to-the-stars Kurt Rappaport. The sale closed on April 27.

We have written many times about TomKat's various real-estate issues, including on May 6, when we wrote about their purchase, on May 7, when we penned a post about their new neighborhood and about Scientology, on May 12, when we were the first to report the name of their trust, and on June 12, when we excoriated L.A. Times celebrity real estate columnist Ruth Ryon for writing about the mansion's sale while omitting the fact that Cruise and Holmes were the buyers.

Like everyone else, we've read the recent reports about Cruise and Holmes being rumored to have bought a 3.4-acre property at 700 Picacho Lane in Montecito/Santa Barbara, Calif. from actor Rob Lowe's Profile Property Trust. Nothing regarding this purchase shows up in public records, and as the Beverly Hills purchase price shows, news accounts clearly aren't necessarily accurate. We'll keep you posted.