This morning on Howard Stern’s satellite-radio chatfest, actor Tobey Maguire told the King of All Media’s listeners that he’s getting ready to move from his current house, in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills, to something more family-friendly.
That means the new father (daughter Ruby was born in November) likely soon will be saying goodbye to his gated, one-story contemporary-style house at 9000 Thrasher Avenue, which he purchased in 2002 through his Thrasher Trust for $3.5 million, according to public records. Built in 1962 and located next door to actress Megan Mullally’s house, Maguire’s pad has four bedrooms and five baths, according to public records, or three bedrooms and three and a half baths, according to the Los Angeles Times’ Ruth Ryon’s 2002 column on his purchase. Other features in 2002 included a separate gym, two fireplaces, city views, an infinity pool and a spa, Ryon reported.

Having visited Tobey’s house ourselves back in 2003 (while the actor was hosting a pool party), we can attest to the niftiness of Maguire’s house. It’s also in a great neighborhood filled with stars (Keanu Reaves owns the 5,607-square-foot house three doors down at 9024 Thrasher Avenue, which he purchased through his own Thrasher Trust in 2003 for $4.85 million, while Courteney Love used to own a house about a block away, at 8936 Thrasher). At the same time, we can appreciate that none of the houses in the neighborhood are particularly family-friendly.

Thus far, public records don’t yet show evidence that Maguire has purchased another L.A.-area house, and the Los Angeles multiple listing service shows no listing information yet for the Thrasher Avenue house. However, when Tobey officially makes his move, we’ll provide all the details here.

Thanks to loyal reader MPD (aka Tito) for the tip!