Actor Tobey Maguire's great real-estate search appears to have come to an end, with the actor having paid an undisclosed amount for a 0.93-acre, vacant parcel in Los Angeles' Brentwood area, on which he will presumably build his dream home.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the purchase of the lot at 193 N. Carmelina Avenue in Brentwood by Maguire. Records show that Maguire's Thrasher Trust purchased the property (apparently paying all-cash) on November 27. The deal was recorded on January 10. The purchase price was not yet available, but we'll of course provide it when it becomes public in the next few weeks.

The previous owner had purchased the Carmelina Avenue property in August 2004 for $5,850,000, according to public records. It's unclear if the previously owner bought the property with a house on it (we would assume that that was the case).

The Monterey Colonial-style house that stood at one time at 193 N. Carmelina Avenue was rich with history. Designed by architect John Byers (who also designed the Pete Sampras home in Beverly Hills that we wrote about earlier today) and built in 1931, the house was known as the Hamilton House and appears to have been the home of actor Mark Harmon at one time (during his childhood, in the 1950s), of actress Greta Garbo at another (earlier) time, and also of the late actor Jack Oakie and of the legendary director H.C. Potter.

The property appears to have been on the market at some point not long ago for $6,600,000, back when the house was still standing. Check out an online listing sheet for the house, back when it was still standing, here.

We haven't yet seen the property ourselves, but one of our favorite spies drove past it for us a couple of days ago and told us that the property's owner "is still paying a gardener to keep up" the property's front garden.

If the street name sounds familiar, that's because several other celebrities have lived on Carmelina Avenue over the years. Famed talk-show host Ricki Lake lives in the 5,226-square-foot house at 230 N. Carmelina Avenue, which she purchased in October 2002 through her RMR Trust for $5,600,000 from husband-and-wife actors Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette, who had purchased it in February 1996 for $2,055,500, according to public records. And actress Joanna Kerns in December 2003 sold her 3,707-square-foot house at 178 N. Carmelina Avenue for $2,395,000, according to public records.

As for Tobey, recall that as we had reported on June 18, 2007, the actor on February 27, 2007 sold his 4,704-square-foot, Mediterranean-style house at 9000 Thrasher Avenue in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills. As we had exclusively reported on August 2, Maguire sold the house for $10,800,000, and not for the $11,500,000 amount that was incorrectly reported by the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon and then endlessly repeated by copycats around the Internet.

So where is Tobey living right now, presumably while he waits for his dream home to be built? Recall that our good friends over at the Real Estalker reported on Sunday that Tobey and his wife (pictured) are renting a Leonardo DiCaprio-owned, 4,551-square-foot house at 9045 Oriole Way in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills.

And, stay tuned for what Tobey winds up building on that property. We'll keep you posted.