The late, great Ricardo Montalban's six-bedroom mansion in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills area has been listed for $20,000,000.

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Our friends over at the Real Estalker broke the story on March 16 of the listing of Montalban's 6,679-square-foot mansion at 1423 Oriole Drive in the Hollywood Hills' Bird Streets area, which was the mansion where the Mexican-born acting icon lived until he died in January at age 88.

Built by Montalban and his wife Georgiana in 1986 and designed by architect Ricardo Legorreta, the Montalban mansion has five and a half baths, three bedrooms upstairs, two bedrooms downstairs, a guest suite, a den, a large living room, and a formal dining room, according to public records and listing information. Outdoor features on the gated, 1.22-acre (53,140-square-foot) lot include a swimmer's pool, a large patio and a motor court that holds around 15 cars, according to public records and listing information.

The house lacks any windows on its entrance facade, as Legorreta noted in a 1988 news story about the house. "Walls, water and earth colors, the three elements from Mexican culture," Legorreta told the Los Angeles Times. And the walls echo both Mexico's Indian monuments and Spanish Colonial architecture.

Montalban and his wife were said to have originally envisioned a Spanish Colonial home for the property. However, Legorreta insisted that the architecture grow from the land, the Times reported in 1988. As a result, Legorreta reportedly told Montalban (as Montalban recounted): "I don't see a house here, I see a sculpture."

Montalban was very satisfied with the results. "It is a fusion of the two countries most important to me -- America and Mexico," he told the Times in 1988, "but even that is not really the important thing. Above all, it is our home."

The mansion currently is owned by Montalban's daughter, Laura, who took title to the home in late January, according to public records.

Check out an online listing sheet -- complete with photos -- of the Montalban mansion. And, take a look at a property website for the house.