And so, very quietly today, the Los Angeles Times' readers' representative performs a mea culpa on the sketchy second item in Sunday's "Hot Property" column, acknowledging that -- as we had correctly questioned over the weekend -- "NCIS" actor Mark Harmon was *not* the buyer of the 19-acre Villa Vista Oceano estate in Malibu, Calif., which closed in September. Over the weekend, we published a post questioning whether, as Ryon had reported, Harmon *really* was the buyer of the estate, at 4365 Ocean View Drive in Malibu. "The name on the deed -- 'Marc Hamon' is just enough to puzzle us, given that the deed appears to have gotten both his first and last names wrong," we wrote over the weekend, referring to the actor. "Might the buyer have been someone other than the 'NCIS' actor?" continued our weekend post. "Not having yet checked with any of our sources, we'd like to reserve the right to at least wonder out loud if that's not the case, particularly given 1) the divergence between the name on the deed and Harmon's real name (Thomas Mark Harmon); and 2) the fact that Harmon's real-estate transactions always have been using the name 'T. Mark Harmon.'" Turns out we were right to question whether Harmon really was the buyer. Our initial instincts -- based on the fact that Harmon buys property under the name "T. Mark Harmon" and also based on the fact that deeds never spell his first name "Marc" or his last name "Hamon" -- were spot-on. The buyer indeed was a fellow named Marc Hamon -- a technology entrepreneur from the San Fernando Valley. We all make mistakes both large and small, so we don't want to be too hard on Ruth Ryon, who writes the "Hot Property" column. At the same time, this one is a bit of a doozy -- right up there in the pantheon with Ryon's July 24, 2005 "Hot Property" column, whose lead item was about actress Mira Sorvino buying a $1.7 million home in Venice, Calif. We weren't blogging yet at that time, but we were utterly baffled by that item, since we couldn't find evidence that Sorvino had purchased anything. The explanation came sometime later, when the Times quietly issued the following correction: "The Hot Property column in the July 24 Real Estate section reported that Mira Sorvino had purchased a home in Venice for $1.7 million. The three-bedroom Craftsman was purchased by Mena Suvari, who costarred in the movie "American Beauty." The text of the Times' correction today: "Hot Property: The column in Sunday's Real Estate said Mark Harmon, star of the series "Navy NCIS," purchased a Malibu compound. The actor was not the buyer, it was bought by someone with a similar-sounding name."