The sale price that husband-and-wife actors Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen reaped from their recent sale of their Cape Cod-style home on the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, Calif. has just cleared public records, which reveal that the power couple sold the house for $15,500,000.  In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can finally provide the precise sale price for the former Danson/Steenburgen home, which is at 23610 Malibu Colony Road in Malibu (also known as 58 Malibu Colony Road). As we had noted in our post on May 22, the couple sold the five-bedroom home on April 17, with the deal being recorded on May 9. The house’s last listing price was $16,750,000.


Up to now, however, no one has reported the precise sale price of the house, which measures either 2,923 square feet, according to public records, or 3,500 or 3,550 square feet, according to listing information. On May 21, the Los Angeles Times’ Ann Brenoff wrote only that the house had sold “for an undisclosed price.” And our hard-working pal Your Mama over at the Real Estalker reported on the sale on June 1, exhorting someone to whisper the sale price in her ear and noting good-naturedly that “not even Mister Big Time” had yet been able to “suss out the selling price.” Now, finally, the public records gods have seen fit to release Danson and Steenburgen’s selling price. The oceanfront house had had so many asking prices over a five-year period that it’s hard to keep them all straight. The house first had been listed for $9,795,000 in 2003, and then the asking price was increased to $14,500,000 in 2005. It then was bumped up to $18,500,000 in 2007, and later was reduced to $16,750,000. Did the buyers (a husband-and-wife movie-producing couple) get a good price? It’s hard for us to say. Any thoughts, readers? Separately, as we have noted in the past, Danson and Steenburgen own two properties in Martha’s Vineyard in Chilmark, Mass. (at 6 Wakeman Road and at 14 Wakeman Road), and they also own a 9.49-acre estate at 4274 Thacher Road in Ojai, Calif. that they purchased through their Burlingame Trust for $4,500,000 in 2005, according to public records. Interestingly (and we have not noted this before), the estate on Thacher Road in Ojai was quietly owned at one time by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres, according to public records. She sold the property in May 2001 for an undisclosed price, according to public records.