In the latest update on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes purchasing big-shot real-estate agent Kurt Rappaport's seven-bedroom, 10,286-square-foot mansion at 1111 Calle Vista Drive in Beverly Hills, which we wrote about here and here, we have two additional updates: --The couple bought the house through a trust called the "Fornow" trust, according to a deed recorded with the Los Angeles County Recorder's office on Apr. 27. Does that mean this is a temporary dwelling for the couple? It's hard for us to see how a $30 million-plus purchase could be anything temporary. Could it refer to the couple's recently publicized marital troubles? Or could the name "Fornow" refer to Scientologists' desire to rehabilitate the thetan, or soul, and return it to its original state of total freedom? --The name on Cruise and Holmes' deed is accountant Nancy Chapman. Recall that on May 7, we reported that Chapman handles various money matters for Cruise, including having incorporated several companies for him in recent years. Recall also that we had noted that Chapman is the contact name on Dakota Enterprises, LLC, the company that paid $9.85 million in 2005 to buy a compound on Torreyson Drive in the Hollywood Hills that has been rumored to be some kind of Scientology-related retreat, possibly one that Cruise is funding. Stay tuned for more details, including Cruise's exact purchase price.