Funnyman Steve Carell has sold his longtime home in Los Angeles' Studio City area for $1.5 million, and now owns a house in Los Angeles' Toluca Lake area that he purchased last year for an undisclosed amount.


The Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon tomorrow will break the story of Carell's latest real-estate moves.

As Ryon correctly noted, there is little information available about Carell's new 6,637-square-foot house, which is in Toluca Lake. Carell purchased the house, which records show was built in 1999, from film producer Michelle Stabile for an undisclosed amount in May 2006 through a trust, according to public records. Ryon called the house a '$6.5 million home,' but as we have reported again and again, Ryon has a lousy track record of pinpointing the exact purchase amounts of celebrity real estate transactions. The house sits on a 0.615-acre parcel, if one includes a vacant adjoining parcel that appears to have been part of Carell's purchase last year.

Located at 4146 Farmdale Avenue in Studio City, the two-story, 3,996-square-foot house in Studio City that Carell just sold through his trust (note the slightly different trust spelling) is a home that Carell had built in 2003, also for an undisclosed amount (Carell's good at keeping his money matters a secret, we're realizing). The four-bedroom house has four baths, a step-out balcony above the front door and a tree-shaded front yard, Ryon reported. The house also sits on a 0.16-acre parcel, according to public records.

Based on Ryon's spartan descriptions of both of Carell's homes (which truly read like the descriptions of someone who literally drove out to both homes, stood in front of them, and took notes!)--and based on the fact that there's no listing information available online for either home--it's a safe bet that neither of the homes were listed in the multiple listing service.