A five-story townhouse in Brooklyn, N.Y. that director Spike Lee owned during the entire 1990s has been listed for $2,750,000.

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The Wall Street Journal's "Private Properties" column wrote on August 7 about the listing of Lee's onetime, five-bedroom townhouse, which is at 180 Washington Park in Brooklyn's Ft. Greene area. Lee purchased the townhouse in 1990 for $650,000, the Journal reported, and he then sold it in 1999 for either $800,000 or $1 million, depending upon which public records source one consults.

Built in 1899, the 12-room, 22-foot-wide town house has five baths, an updated kitchen, towel warmers, a gym, functional wood-burning fireplaces, a basement, views of Fort Greene Park, a wine cellar and a landscaped garden, according to public records and the Journal. The house measures either 4,400 square feet, according to public records, or 5,000 square feet, according to the Journal.

Check out an online listing sheet for the town house -- complete with photos -- here.

Lee now owns an 8,292-square-foot house on East 63rd Street in Manhattan that was built in 1920. Lee purchased that house in June 1998, according to public records.