Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has taken $2,000,000 off the asking price of his Long Island, N.Y. mansion, reducing its listing price from $14,800,000 to $12,800,000.


Newsday's crack real estate bloggers wrote about the price reduction on Wednesday. Murdoch and his wife, Wendi Deng, had purchased the mansion, at 302 Centre Island Road in the tiny community of Oyster Bay, N.Y., for $7,780,000 in 2003 through Murdoch's legal name, Keith Murdoch.

We previously had written a post on June 15 about Murdoch's initial listing of the estate, which is known as Rosehearty.

The 11-bedroom, white shingled mansion is just down the road from singer Billy Joel's 14,273-square-foot mansion at 502 Centre Island Road, which Joel has had on the market for the last few years since paying $22,500,000 for it in 2002 through his F Scott LLC company.

Murdoch's mansion was the subject of some attention a few years ago, when anext-door neighbor had -- claiming that it was art -- hung toilet bowls fromtrees along his property and arranged orange safety cones andrefrigerator parts in his front yard. Village officials had plantedbamboo plants to block irate neighbors from being able to see the neighbor's sculptures. However, the neighborthen ripped out the bamboo plants, prompting officials to arrest andjail him. Murdoch wasn't part of the original controversy -- which startedwhen the neighbor complained that Murdoch's mansion's previous owner had shined hislights too brightly on the neighbor's property -- and if anything, Murdochhad tried to quell the strife, including by keeping the lights lowafter he took possession of the mansion.

As the attached pictures reveal, Murdoch's mansion resembles a white Southern plantation houseand has columns. Other features in the mansion, which was builtin 1885 and is known as Rosehearty, include high ceilings, oak floors,an elevator, seven fireplaces and a private generator, according topublic records and the Journal. Outside on the 4.6-acre property are apool with a 950-square-foot guest house, a tennis court, a beachcottage and a boat mooring, the paper reported. There is somedisagreement over the size of Murdoch�s mansion. The Journal reportedthat it�s 10,000 square feet, while public records report that itmeasures 8,683 square feet.