Check out Bob's weekly real-estate column in the Chicago Tribune from February 27, where Bob broke the news of retired Chicago Cubs catcher Todd Hundley listing his home in Glenview, Ill. for $1.8 million. (Technically, Bob had broken the story of Hundley's listing even earlier, in a post that ran several days earlier on the Chicago Tribune's Chicago Breaking Business website; the weekly column ran the exact same item in print several days later.)

Also, in that column, Bob broke the news of former Chicago Blackhawks left wing Martin Havlat, now with the Minnesota Wild, selling his condo in the Lancaster building in Chicago's New East Side neighborhood for $670,000 -- a major loss from the $760,000 he paid for it in 2006. Technically, Bob had broken that story earlier as well, in a similar Chicago Breaking Business post, which then was run in its entirety in the print and online column on Feb. 27.

In the Feb. 27 column, Bob also broke the news of Charlotte Bobcats forward Tyrus Thomas, formerly with the Chicago Bulls, selling the last of his Chicago-area property in unloading his condominium unit in Northbrook, Ill. for $425,000. That was a whole lot less than the $598,000 that Thomas had paid for the condo in 2006 when he bought it from then-teammate Jannero Pargo.