Renee Zellweger has paid $2,800,000 to buy a co-op unit on Manhattan's Upper East Side as part of a three unit spread that she now owns. The New York Observer's Max Abelson wrote in today's "Manhattan Transfers" column about Zellweger's purchase of the unit, which is in the building at 1082 Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side (at 82nd). Indeed, public records show that on August 11, a co-op deed was recorded with the city regarding Zellweger's purchase of the unit (R-1, which is PIN # 1493-1207) through her East Coast Group Trust. The recording instrument was prepared on July 29, according to city records. We exclusively had reported on July 17, 2007 on Zellweger's $2,200,000 purchase of a commercial condominium unit (Unit 2D, which is PIN # 1493-1206) in the same building. And we had missed Zellweger's purchase later in 2007 of yet another co-op unit (Unit 2BC, which is PIN # 1493-1202) in the building for $3,200,000. All told, the actress now possesses a $8,200,000 spread in the building, which apparently also has the addresses of 24 E. 82nd Street and 26 E. 82nd Street. Although the Observer didn't report this, we can tell you that Zellweger's latest deal clearly had been in the works for a long time. Records show that on April 12, 2007, Zellweger's East Coast Group took out an initial co-op filing for the unit that she finally just closed on. In that initial filing from 2007, the document spells out that 24 E. 82nd Street Unit 2BC is also known as 1082 Madison Avenue #R-1. In some regards, that complicates things further (since 2BC actually is the co-op unit that she purchased in 2007 for $3,200,000), but it does clearly establish and confirm that all the units are in the same building.