Rapper Everlast has paid $1,200,000 for a 3,207-square-foot house in Altadena, CA and has placed his 1,800-square-foot mid-century house in Woodland Hills, Calif. on the market for $789,000.


The Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon tomorrow will break the story of Everlast's listing. Curiously, though, Ryon either was unaware of -- or knew but chose not to print anything about -- the fact that Everlast also purchased a new house in Altadena.


Born Erik Schrody, Everlast, 38, paid $710,000 in early 2005 for the house that he's now selling, which is at 5720 Comanche Avenue in Woodland Hills. Built in 1959, the three-bedroom house in Woodland Hills has vaulted ceilings, travertine floors, slate counters, a remodeled kitchen, walls of windows, two baths (both updated), a pool, and a spa, according to listing information.

Check out listing information for Schrody's new house here.

Unfortunately, no listing information or pictures were immediately available for Everlast's new house in Altadena. Built in 1965, the rapper's new house has five bedrooms, four baths and a pool, all on a 0.34-acre parcel, according to public records.