Rapper 50 Cent again has reduced the asking price of his 19-bedroom, 48,515-square-foot mansion in Farmington, Conn., this time slashing it to $10,900,000.

This story's been all over the newswires this weekend, so we won't bother giving credit to anyone in particular for reporting this story first -- except to state that we didn't break it. The rapper, whose legal name is Curtis James Jackson III, purchased the 52-room mansion from boxer Mike Tyson's ex-wife in September 2003 for $4,100,000, according to public records, less than a year after Tyson had signed the house over to his ex-wife presumably as part of a divorce settlement. Tyson had bought it in 1996 from a Lithuanian import-export businessman for $2,800,000, according to public records.

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Built in 1985, the mansion has 19 bedrooms (or 18, as has been reported in some places), 25 full baths, 14 half baths, two three-story spiral staircases, a full gym, two billiard rooms, racquetball courts, a disco (with stripper poles), brass and marble fireplaces, several kitchens, four whirlpools, a sauna and a hot tub, according to news accounts. The estate includes a boathouse, a tennis court and servants’ quarters, according to news accounts. Jackson reportedly spent up to $6 million to renovate the house, the AP reported, including the addition of a helicopter pad, an infinity pool and spa with a grotto, new decks, windows and roofing, an entirely new main kitchen, a movie theater, and an updated master bedroom. Now, Jackson is billing the house as having a "Miami Vice"-type feel.

The estate’s address has its own odd history. Originally known as 46 Poplar Bars Road when Tyson owned it, Jackson changed the house number to 50, for obvious reasons. County records call the address 50 Poplar Street, while the website mentioned above obviously calls it 50 Poplar Hill Road, and Mapquest calls it 50 Poplar Hill Drive.

A hilarious 2005 New York Times article mentioned how elusive a figure Jackson was around town. Titled “A Wealthy Hartford Suburb Longs, Vainly, for a Rap-Star Neighbor’s Company,” the piece mentioned how seldom Jackson was seen in town.

We wrote about Jackson first listing the mansion for $18.5 million, back in 2007. Late last year, he reduced it to $14.5 million. He apparently is selling because he's tired of the two-hour commute to New York City and also because he wants to downsize.