Today we're going to make a quick departure from our normal course of business and provide a rundown of the various properties that President Barack Obama has owned or inhabited over the years. Of course, we're missing a few of his abodes in his life (there are some gaps that we really should fill in), but we want to highlight -- with photos, of course -- the ones that we know of, with relevant figures as well.


And while we freely admit that we were motivated to do this by a blurb the other day in the New York Observer, the truth is that we've been mulling a post like this for quite some time.

So, without further ado, a journey through Obama's various residences in his lifetime:

--An apartment at 1617 S. Beretania Street #1008 in the Punahou Circle Apartments in Honolulu, where he lived with his mother and grandmother during his youth (1961 until 1967 and again from 1971 until 1979) and during his college years when school wasn't in session;

--From 1967 until 1971, Obama lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, in a modest home on Haji Ramli Tengah Street and then in a Dutch colonial-style house in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Jakarta on Taman Amir Hamza Street;

--Haines Hall at Occidental College in Los Angeles' Eagle Rock neighborhood, where he lived during his first year of college (1979-1980); Obama lived in an undetermined off-campus apartment his second year of college;


--The third-floor walkup at 142 W. 109th Street in Manhattan Valley in New York City, which Obama inhabited during his junior semesters at Columbia University in 1981-1982;


--339 E. 94th Street #6A in Manhattan, where the future president lived during his senior year (1982-1983) at Columbia (we're told he also lived in an apartment at 622 W. 114th Street during his time at Columbia as well);


--From 1988 until 1991, during law school, the hard-working Obama lived in Somerville, Mass. in a three-story brick apartment building at 365 Broadway;


--From 1993 until 2005, in a ground-floor condominium unit in the brick condo building at 5450 S. East View Park in Chicago that he and wife Michelle bought in July 1993 for $277,500. They sold it to jazzman Kurt Elling in 2005 for $415,000, according to public records;


--The much-written-about, heavily fortified, 6,199-square-foot mansion on South Greenwood in Chicago that Obama and wife Michelle purchased in 2005 for $1,650,000 and continue to own to this day;


--And now, finally, the White House, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.