Our good friend and loyal reader Lisa “the Digger” long has wondered why we have virtually ignored the reports of David Beckham and his wife, Victoria (“Posh Spice”) paying a reported $22 million back in April to purchase a newly built, six-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills, particularly given that we strive to be a comprehensive source for your celebrity real estate news.
Our rationale up to now has been that the purchase of the one-story, 13,149-square-foot mansion was so well-covered (overcovered, in our minds), as was their overhyped home search earlier this year, that we just figured that we’d wait to say something about their purchase until the purchase actually cleared public records. And finally, the sale did indeed clear public records last week, although the official sale price was not included in the deed recorded last week and therefore will take a little longer to be made public. (Of course, once that purchase amount becomes available, we’ll post it here as well, although given the overcoverage of this story, we doubt that the purchase price will be anything other than $22 million. Still, we’ll keep you posted.)

Public records now show that on June 5, the Beckhams’ representatives recorded a deed with Los Angeles County for the purchase of the house at 1105 San Ysidro Drive in Beverly Hills through their Hazelhurst Trust. Records show that the sale took place on April 21.

Why is the Beckhams’ trust named Hazelhurst? It’s unclear for sure, but it’s instructive to note that the first home that David Beckham ever purchased in the U.K. was a four-bedroom house located on Hazlehurst Road (note the different spelling) at Worsley in Greater Manchester, England. Check out an article about that house here.

As for the Beckhams’ new house, there’s little about it that we can say that hasn’t already been said. The Los Angeles Times’ Ruth Ryon wrote about it here, while Curbed LA gave its report here and the Real Estalker provided her take on it here.

Features in the H-shaped, Italian villa-style mansion include nine bathrooms and a swimming pool. Designed by Tim Morrison, the house is “behind massive iron gates and at the end of a private drive,” Ryon reported. The property sits on about 1.25 acres and has city and ocean views, according to listing information.

Check out a cached version of a listing sheet for the Beckhams’ home here.