A five-bedroom, 8,275-square-foot penthouse unit on the "78th floor"* of Manhattan's Time Warner Center has sold for $37,500,000 after being listed last year for $65,000,000.

We had written a detailed post about this listing back on November 28.

Let's talk more about who bought and sold this unit. The penthouse, with the address of 25 Columbus Circle #STPH7, was sold by Gerhard Andlinger, an Austrian-born, Princeton-educated investor who paid $25,028,220 for it in 2005 through his Vero Beach, Fla.-based 1954 Investments LLC company. The buyer is something called Southerndown, Inc., and no one yet -- not Abelson, not us -- has been able to crack the code of who was behind the purchase. We have to believe that the buyer's identity eventually will leak out. Stay tuned.

Records show that the buyer went to contract to buy the penthouse on May 1, with the deal closing on June 16. The transaction was recorded with the city on June 29. A separate deed was recorded for a $82,500 storage unit that the buyer also purchased from Andlinger.

Features in the unit include a 41-foot-long living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, 14-foot ceilings, a red lacquered corner library/office, a dining room that looks out on the Hudson River, a screening room, a chef's kitchen, four full bedrooms with en suite baths, and a master suite with an office, his-and-hers dressing rooms, his-and-hers baths, and a gym, according to listing information.

*We mock the unit's status as being on the Time Warner Center's "78th floor" since that level exists only through the magic of elevator renumbering. The Time Warner Center only has 54 floors (or 55 floors, depending on your source; we've been in the building many times, but we've never bothered to count).