In the current issue of InTouch Weekly (on newsstands now!), talentless but lovable heiress Paris Hilton chats with the magazine about the new house that she has been reported to have purchased -- in the Mulholland Estates area of the Beverly Hills post office (but actually in Los Angeles' Sherman Oaks area). phnip3banner.jpg 'My house is so big, I love it,' Paris tells the rag. 'And it's going to look so good after I renovate it.' While Paris didn't come right out and tell InTouch Weekly that her new house is in Mulholland Estates, it's pretty clear that she's referring to that house, which is at 3340 Clerendon Road. The public-records databases we have access to don't yet show that Hilton has closed on the 7,493-square-foot house, which we wrote about on August 25. 07-185927.jpg


07-185927-9.jpg07-185927-35.jpg Plenty of news sources have confirmed that the Clerendon Road property that she has purchased, and our friends over at the Real Estalker just reported that Paris did indeed buy the house, for $5,900,000. We of course don't doubt the Real Estalker and her impeccable sources. And, we would note that that property finally has been removed from the Los Angeles multiple listing service, providing further evidence that the deal most likely closed. We will of course keep you posted as we learn more.