Public records have cleared on the amount that Paris Hilton fetched for the sale of her 2,707-square-foot, Spanish-style house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills and they reveal that she got $3,865,000 -- and not the $3,600,000 or $4,200,000 amounts that previously had been speculated -- for the house.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the amount that Paris was paid for the house at 1467 N. Kings Road in the Hollywood Hills, which her Whitney Richards Trust sold on August 21. The sale was recorded on September 13.


Recall that Paris had listed the house for $4,250,000. However, had reported (link now no longer available) on August 29 that the highest appraisal that the buyers, a couple of lawyers from Texas, had gotten was $3,600,000. also had reported that since the mortgage was so small, the deal still was likely to go through, which wound up being the case. The house's listing agent had told that the $4,200,000 sale price that had (erroneously, it now appears) reported included furniture and chandeliers that were worth between $600,000 and $700,000.

We have written plenty of posts about Paris' former Hollywood Hills home, including about her listing it, back on July 27, and about reports that the house had been sold, back on August 25 ( We also wrote on August 29 about its sale being delayed, and then we wrote on September 29 about the house selling.

For those readers who don't follow celebrity real estate closely, Paris sold her house in the Hollywood Hills because she wanted something with more privacy. On August 16, her Whitney Richards Trust paid $5,900,000 to purchase a large house at 3340 Clerendon Road in the Mulholland Estates subdivision in the Beverly Hills, Calif. post office (but actually in Los Angeles' Sherman Oaks area). We wrote on September 2 about Hilton's comments about her new house, and then we wrote on September 15 about the purchase becoming official -- and, about the heiress taking out a $4,720,000 mortgage on the house. Finally, we wrote on October 26 about the $5,900,000 purchase price finally clearing public records.