Public records just cleared this week on the purchase price that Paris Hilton paid for the house in the Mulholland Estates area of the Beverly Hills, Calif. post office, and they confirm what had been previously reported here and elsewhere: that the heiress did indeed pay $5,900,000 for the 7,493-square-foot house.

We wrote about Hilton's new house back on August 25, on September 2, and again on September 15.

Hilton purchased the house, at 3340 Clerendon Road, through her Whitney Richards Trust on August 16. The sale was recorded on August 31, according to public records. The house had been listed for $6.25 million.

Public records still haven't cleared on the sale price that Paris fetched for her house at 1467 N. Kings Road in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills, which she sold on August 21. When that sale price clears, we'll of course report it here.