In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the listing of the house, which is at 9444 Sierra Mar Place in the Hollywood Hills. The house came on the market on Monday. Seinfeld famously called the house “a waste of money” in a “60 Minutes” profile in 1997, and the New York-based funnyman unloaded the house in July 1998 almost immediately after he ended production of his wildly popular sitcom. “It’s a giant hotel room. I’m on the road. I’ve been on the road here for 16 years,” Seinfeld said of the house in the “60 Minutes” profile. “60 Minutes” correspondent Steve Kroft described the house as giving away “nothing,” and noting that it was furnished by a decorator. “It speaks to the owner’s lack of interest or lack of time,” Kroft said during the profile. “The couches look like they’ve never been dented. It’s more antiseptic than homey.” Built in 1967, the gated 5,913-square-foot house has five baths, walls of glass, a screening room, a gym, a state-of-the-art kitchen, spaces for entertaining and a pool, according to public records and listing information. The house sits on a 0.41-acre parcel, according to public records. We referenced this house once before, on October 30, 2007, when we wrote about actress Lori Loughlin having sold her Cape Cod-style house just down the street. Check out an online listing sheet for the former Seinfeld house – complete with photos – here.