The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Oprah Winfrey is moving into a 5,000-square-foot Chicago apartment in the co-op building at 199 E. Lake Shore Drive. In a Page One story (Sun Times), Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed claims that the talk-show queen will give up her massive duplex in Chicago’s Water Tower Place, which she has owned since 1993, and will move into the sixth-floor apartment at 199 E. Lake Shore, which had been listed for $6.2 million and which recently closed. While we can’t dispute that the closing may well have occurred already, as Sneed has reported (although co-op sales are not public record in Illinois), Sneed’s column was painfully short on details. Winfrey’s current home has not been listed, and the columnist bothered neither to seek Winfrey’s comment nor to explain why Oprah would downsize from a larger apartment to a smaller one. And given the sheer amount of real estate that Winfrey owns, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Winfrey is buying the unit at 199 E. Lake Shore for someone else. Still and all, Oprah always attracts big headlines in Chicago and beyond, and the building where Sneed reports that she’s buying is a classic co-op building, with just 13 apartments in 12 stories. The late actor John Candy once lived in the building, and actress Meg Ryan once stayed there while filming a movie in Chicago, Sneed reported.