Today we're providing our first-ever Odds & Ends post, which is a mishmash of small items that aren't significant enough to stand on their own in Big Time Listings. We present this because in recent weeks, a number of celebrities' home sale prices have become known, but haven't been any different from the amounts what has been reported elsewhere. But, we wanted to follow up on this information, in order to 1) make good on our promises (since in many cases, we promised we would); and 2) register a record of these.


So, without further ado:

--Public records recently cleared on the sale by Melanie 'Scary Spice' Brown on the house at 5656 Hill Oak Drive in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood. Back on September 18, we broke the story of the sale of that house, but at the time, public records didn't yet show the exact sale price. (Our post also broke the news of Brown's $3,000,000 purchase of a house at 2132 Mount Olympus Drive in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills.)

Several days later, our friends over at the Real Estalker offered their take on both transactions, and they also reported that Brown had sold the Hill Oak Drive house for $1,810,000. We couldn't independently confirm that at that time, however. Now, though, in the last few weeks, public records finally revealed the sale price of that 2,990-square-foot house, and confirmed the Real Estalker's fine scoop that Brown (pictured) fetched $1,810,000 for the Los Feliz house.

What's still unclear to us is why Scary Spice purchased her new Hollywood Hills home in her own name, and not in the name of some whimsically named trust.

--Way back on May 26, we broke the story that basketball star Chris Webber on March 30 had purchased a three-bedroom, 2,910-square-foot house behind gates in Malibu, Calif., for about $3,750,000. Public records finally cleared on the purchase price of the house, and we now can reveal that indeed, Webber paid exactly $3,750,000 for the 12-year-old, recently remodeled house, at 20851 Big Rock Drive in Malibu.

--On August 7, we reported that 'Grey's Anatomy' actress Kate Walsh had paid a reported $4,750,000 through her Easy Tiger Trust for a 5,810-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Los Feliz area. We were following up on an excellent scoop (link not available right now, but some of the info is still housed here) by our friends over at the Real Estalker. Unfortunately, public records did not yet show the purchase price of the house, at 2223 Nottingham Avenue in Los Feliz. In the last few weeks, however, the public records finally have cleared on Walsh's purchase price, and sure enough, they reveal exactly what the the Real Estalker had reported -- that Walsh had paid $4,750,000 for her new pad.

--Back on June 7, we wrote about actress Natalie Portman listing her small house in Sea Cliff, N.Y. for $2,200,000. Despite subsequent reports that the house had sold, we hadn't yet followed up -- until now -- on the status of the house, at 35 Bay Avenue in Sea Cliff, because public records didn't yet show evidence that the home had sold. Now, public records do confirm the sale of Portman's house, and we'd like to give credit where credit is due. In July, Newsday's Laura Mann broke the story that Portman (pictured) had closed on the sale of the 2,000-square-foot house. And on September 11, Mann again provided a scoop that we were unable to confirm at the time of Mann's story: that Portman had fetched $1,750,000 for the house (quite a bit below $2.2 million, we'd say). Finally, public records now have cleared on the house, and they confirm that the house did indeed sell on July 17 for $1,750,000.

One interesting note: In the public-records databases that we have access to, Portman's buyer literally was not identified -- i.e., the field where a buyer's name ordinarily is was empty.