We're going to start off this Tuesday with another Odds & Ends post, which is a mishmash of small items that aren't significant enough to be separate posts here at Big Time Listings:


--Public records just cleared on the purchase price that Dixie Chick Natalie Maines paid through her Kimberly Lane Trust for her new, five-bedroom house in Los Angeles' Brentwood area, and they reveal that Maines did indeed pay the $5,600,000 amount that the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon had reported on September 2 that she had paid. We also wrote a post on Maines' purchase that same weekend, and we mentioned the $5,600,000 amount that Ryon had reported. However, the exact purchase price was not available in public records until this past week, and we always like to see the purchase price in public records to believe it.


--As we often like to write of a competitor being months (and months) late on a story (but failing to acknowledge that others of us had beaten him or her to the punch): 'Breaking News (not really): Terry O'Quinn's house in Hawaii is *still* on the market.' This past Friday's Wall Street Journal 'Private Properties' column featured the Journal's Christina S.N. Lewis reporting that actor Terry O'Quinn has his house on the market for almost $3 million. The problem with her report, however, is that Big Time Listings readers learned all about this listing way back on May 18, when we wrote about O'Quinn listing the house at 59-609 Maulukua Place in Haleiwa, Hawaii. In that post, we also broke the story of O'Quinn paying $630,000 for a town house in Maryland. Our May 18 post on O'Quinn's Hawaii listing owed its source to our friends over at the Real Estalker, who previously had broken the story of the listing. To Lewis' credit this past Friday, she did at least secure a brief interview with O'Quinn. At the same time, his quotes were hardly illuminating: 'I love this job,' and 'Unless they kill me off, I'm here for two more years.' We'll of course keep you posted when there's actual movement with O'Quinn's house. Stay tuned.


--Finally, we would be remiss if we didn't write anything on Eddie Murphy's ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy's recent listing of her massive, 9,214-square-foot mansion in Calabasas, Calif. We broke the story a few weeks ago of Nicole listing her 11,158-square-foot house in Granite Bay, Calif. for $6,500,000. Shortly after we broke that story, our friends at the Real Estalker did their customarily excellent job of breaking the news of Nicole Murphy listing another of her homes: her house at 25202 Prado del Grandioso in Calabasas, Calif., which she now has on the market for $9,995,000. Murphy's house is just three doors west of the monstrous, 9,253-square-foot mansion that musician Travis Barker purchased through his Cookie Trust earlier this year for $9,500,000, according to public records. This past Sunday, the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon also wound up writing something on Nicole's Calabasas listing. We don't have much to add to either report, but we would say that based on our many posts about both Eddie and his ex-wife Nicole's efforts to sell expensive homes, they both clearly have a penchant for gargantuan properties that are tough to unload! We wish Nicole all the best at trying to sell her houses in Calabasas and in Granite Bay.